This post will serve as a memo to myself as I keep googling the same over and over again.


This post is for you if you have the following:

  • A VPS or
  • A shared hosting account that provides limited SSH access.
  • You are familiar with terminal, ssh and linux
  • Can use Git (Alternatively, Just zip your laravel project and upload)
  • A Laravel 5 project (yes, this post is specific to laravel 5).


Now that you have all the requirements, let's dive into the detailed step by step guide.

1. Share your code to Github.

Yes, share your project as a private or public repo on github…

I have many numbers on my phone because I’m required to save them first before I can send owners messages on WhatsApp messenger. The same can be said about numbers I saved so I can add people to a WhatsApp group I’m an admin on.

In this post, I will show you a small tool I built that lets you start a new chat on WhatsApp without needing to save the receiver’s contact first. The tool also lets you add people to groups you manage without saving their number to your address book first.

So let’s get to business. The…

Weird title? Yeah, you won’t be learning how-to do x if you already know how.

This post is inspired by a recent attempt I made to build an app for scanning texts (characters) in images. I am kind of an advocate of learning by doing so I decided to put up a tutorial for any Android beginners looking to build a simple app that does some very common tasks.

If you are learning Android development, already have Android Studio setup you should be able to follow along.

I didn’t include detailed description of the code included in this post in…

Once you are done with understanding the basics of Android development and after building your first App, the next important thing should be writing good quality code. You can write better code and apps by following best practises and avoiding anti-patterns.

You might have heard about Dependency Injection (DI) in software development or a more Android-specific DI term like the almighty Dagger. If you haven’t heard about DI or dagger, this post is still for you. It took a few months from the first time I heard about Dagger to my first attempt to learn it. And guess what? I…

This is a simple tutorial that demonstrates how to build a [tiny] web-app which communicates with API. The example app in this tutorial will fetch a list of popular movies from and display the list in a webpage.

It is very common for apps to communicate with RESTful APIs like themoviedb and what you will learn here will likely be used multiple times as a developer.


  1. Register an account with, get your API key.
  2. For this project, we will be using bootstrap for styling the webpage. This is optional.
  3. Add JQuery to the project. (You can use…

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are staying at home. On the positive side, it makes for a good time to learn new skills. Here is one article that aims to help anyone getting to tech (coding) as you learn those new languages and tools.

This post is mostly based on my talk at the Andela Learning Community ALC 4.0 final meetup in Benue State, Nigeria. You can find my slides here:

In the past 3 years, I have been working as a developer and teacher. I have worked with newbie devs in the process. One common thing…

My name is Pius and I am a software developer from somewhere in Nigeria called Benue. I love building for the Android platform and I am the publisher of USSD Banking App (a mobile app for secure digital banking in Nigeria without internet). When I am not coding, I am out somewhere trying to teach coding.

In 2018 I founded GDG Makurdi and started building the developer community in Makurdi, Benue State from just 2 attendees (Minus my co-organisers and I). About a year ago, I saw the need to make more intentional efforts to increase the number of female…

In this post, I will be showing practical steps to connect a flutter app to firebase. I will keep the example at reading and writing data to/fro cloud firestore database. Our demo app is a simple note-taking app that stores notes on firebase.

For the record, firebase is a backend solution developed and maintained by the good folks at Google. It provides app developers with remote database and other cool functions that can help developers turn ideas into apps fast.

air-note app screenshot

Getting started

At this point, you already have a flutter project setup, and the next thing is to create a new firebase…

Google Drive provides Gmail users with a convenient way to store and order files online. Files stored on Google drive can be easily shared, viewed and downloaded by others. In this post, I will be sharing an easy way for developers to use drive for hosting images for small projects.

Update 12/2020:

I made a small tool that does what I described in this article. You can check it out here

For example, building an app that shows images of popular structures from various states in Nigeria. …

Git and Github are a version control and code sharing pair. You have most likely heard about them 101 times so no need for any detailed explaining on what they are. In a very simple way of defining both, Git lets you do version control offline. You make a few changes to your code and commit to git at meaningful intervals. While Github, on the other hand, lets you host your code online, it lets you share your code with others or even let them contribute to the codebase.

This post will not explain git terminologies and is not a…

Pius Aboyi

Web/Mobile Developer(Android), I know PHP, SEO+Digital marketing. Currently growing the tech Eco-system in Benue, Nigeria, via BenueTechForum and GDG Makurdi.

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